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Some of our great customers and friends including President Reagan, President George W. Bush, The Great Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, Great Senator John McCain, and the Greatest Boxer of all time Muhammad Ali, Magnificent Henry Winkler, to name a few.

Executive Suit Maker for Ladies and Gentlemen Since 1973

Custom-made suits - Sabatini of London - Washington, DC

Suit Strips

A custom-made suit used to be the European tradition and it used to include the Art of Tailoring with 4 open buttons holes made by hand in each sleeve. Call today for the Art of Tailoring without any extra cost you pay for a design ready-made suit. Sabatini will come to your home or office for measurement and fabric selections, nationwide by appointment, free of charge. Call 202-710-7639 or e-mail

Sabatini always asks customers a logical question: "Why buy a ready-made suit when you can buy a custom-made suit for the same price, plus perfect fit for your physique, especially your shoulder position, plus four working open button holes on the sleeve, plus fancy lining and your name in the lining, plus lifetime free alterations for the suit? And most of all, you have quality fabric selection from the finest English and Italian fabrics. If that makes sense to you, call 202-710-7639 and Sabatini will come to your home or office by appointment.

Sabatini used to send this beautiful car to serve our customers.

Today, Sabatini will come to your home or office for measurement and fabric selection, by appointment. 

Call (202) 710-7639 Or email us at


Custom White Car


Sabatini and Woman

Sabatini maintains the European tradition of coming to your home or office for measurement and fabric selection by appointment.

Please call (202) 710-7639

Fabric Samples

Sabatini uses the finest English and Italian fabric,
including Mongolian Cashmere.

Fabric Card #1 Fabric Card #2 Fabric Card #3 Fabric Card #4

Henry Winkler and Sabatini

"The greatest Sabatini as always."
- Henry Winkler

Custom Tailor in Washington, DC

Since 1973, Sabatini has been the premier custom tailor in Washington D.C. for clientele as prestigious political leaders, including President Reagan and President George W. Bush. Our superior attention to detail and finely handcrafted suits have had a lasting impact on the fashion industry. We draw inspiration and motivation from our passion for and knowledge of tailoring and designing for gentlemen.

Heritage Foundation Letter
"Mr. Sabatini's suit is the crown jewel of my wardrobe."

- Dr. Edwin J. Feulner, Jr., President of the Heritage Foundation.
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