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Highly Recommended by the Heritage Foundation Since 1996

Bridge Academy Reward 2002

"My Sabatini suit is the crown jewel of my wardrobe."

– Dr. Edwin J. Feulner, Jr., President of the Heritage Foundation

Styles that Transcend Time

Custom suits and shirts by Sabatini never become outdated, because a suit should conform to your body, not your body to the suit. He draws upon his knowledge of international cut of the suit, including English-conservative with square fitted shoulders, Italian wide shoulders, looser-fit American roomy armholes, loose-fit European/fitted around the waist to determine the perfect cut that is harmonious with your body.

Sabatini – Custom Made Suits
British Academy Award 2002
Sabatini maintains the European tradition of coming to your home or office by appointment. (202) 277-8227 Izak Sabatini
Izak Sabatini Sabatini uses only the finest English and Italian fabric where each fabric is woven especially for custom-tailored suits. Includes Mongolian cashmere and Tasmanian wools.

Custom-Made Suits

Sabatini successfully combines old world craftsmanship with modern computer technology to create unsurpassed custom-made suits for executive men and women who understand the difference that quality makes. Every custom made suit is hand crafted with superior quality and perfect fit, guaranteed.

Sabatini and Muhammad AliFor Celebrities and Friends

World Leaders and DignitariesFor World Leaders and Dignitaries

Custom-Made Suits
Price Range: $3,600 to $5,600
Overcoats Mongolian Cashmere: Available for Men and Women
Alterations: Available for Men and Women

My custom-made suits and shirts from Sabatini fit me like a glove. Watch me, I'll be back.

–Muhammad Ali
"The Greatest of All Times"

At Sabatini, the art of tailoring stitch by stitch creates the perfect fit.

Shirt Display Unfinished Suit Jacket Couple

Your custom-made suit will be handmade by the best tailoring team in the world with the perfect fit guaranteed.

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