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Custom Made Suits
Old Craftsmanship & Perfect Fit Since 1846

Orders May be Placed Internationally Worldwide

Step 1: Send us your best fitting suit along with a full body photo and your notes regarding any changes you would like. For example, you may need a looser fit or change in length. Your photo will show us how your body stands. For example, some body types lean forward or back. Some physiques have sloping shoulders, high shoulders or one shoulder higher than the other. With our suit tailor, Mr. Sabatini's expertise, your suit will be cut to fit you perfectly.
Step 2: We send you fabric selections and you choose the fabric you like. You return the fabric selections indicating your choice. You provide credit card information for your order.
Step 3: You will receive your order in five weeks. The same process is followed for custom made shirts and ladies suits orders.

Tailored Suits

 Our Suit Tailor Creates Styles that Transcend Time

Sabatini's best made to measure suits never become outdated because a suit should conform to your body, not to your body to the suit.

Sabatini draws upon his knowledge of international cuts:

  • English - conservative, with square shoulders
  • American - roomy armholes, loose fit
  • European - fitted around the waist
  • Italian - wide shoulders

With 40 Years' Experience in Men's & Women's Custom-Tailored Designs

Specializing in Athletic-Figured and Big & Tall

 Sabatini and his best friend Muhammad Ali

Sabatini & Members of the Madonia Family of Plant City FL

Impeccably Tailored Suits, Fit for Royalty

When it comes to formal wear, Sabatini of London in Washington, DC, has always stayed true to creating classic designs. Our lineup of suits for men and women never go out of style, because our custom tailor in DC designs them to fit the body of each customer. Sabatini draws upon his knowledge of international cuts to create the most fitting pieces that match our clients' needs and wants. Whether you are interested in one of our custom suits in Washington, DC, or looking for custom military uniforms, he can assist you.

With his expertise in tailoring, we succeed in producing impeccable suits, tailored to conform to each of the internationally recognized style and cut standards detailed below. Sabatini has designed suits for celebrities, politicians, and many others – now he is available to be your custom tailor in DC. Contact him today to inquire about his custom military uniforms and custom suits in Washington, DC.

International Styles & Cuts

Only At Sabatini, you'll find the old world craftsmanship and perfect fit guaranteed.
Also we measure you at your home or office by appointment.

The English Style

The English style seems to be the most popular of all the schools of suit fashion, showing careful attention to detail. The jacket lies close to the body and is marked at the waist. The shoulders are soft, have little padding, and are not particularly large. The armholes are usually cut quite high. The English suit includes two side vents, even in dress suits. The double-breasted jacket is more popular in England than in America where they prefer a two or three button single-breasted version, and the trousers usually have two pleats with the pockets placed along the seams.

The Italians

The Italians prefer the shoulder to be quite high, padded and to sag just a bit. The jacket clings a bit more tightly to the body and has a rather narrow armhole. The jackets generally have pockets without flaps and are without vents in the back. In Italy, single or double vents are often limited to sports jackets. The Italian pants have diagonally cut pockets and a low waist, probably because the Italians do not favor wearing suspenders or vests with their close fitted suit jackets.

In America

In America, the shoulder is more naturally soft, with an even slope and with little or no padding. Jackets almost always have three buttons, with only the center button fastened. The armholes are wider than the English version, thus providing more comfort and adaptability to different physiques. The pockets of the jacket have flaps, and the back has only one vent. The pants usually have no pleats and the fit down the leg is close.

The proper executive style suit jacket will have no vents or maybe one, if you are tall and thin. The no-vent jacket is especially important for men who are a little heavy in the seat. These men should absolutely stay away from side vents. The jacket should contain two outside convertible flap pockets (This allows the freedom to use the flaps or fold them inside the pocket) and enough inside pockets to hold your pocket computer, pens, cell phone, and change. The sleeves will have four buttons with open, working buttonholes.

Choose the finest quality fabric you can afford and your suit will last 15 years or longer.

100% woven wool is best for year-round wear. Wool is a natural fiber and breathes so you can be comfortable, even in very warm weather. You won't have to have a fine wool suit dry-cleaned very often if you hang it in the evening after wearing it. The wrinkles will fall out by morning and you can usually spot-clean wool with a little water.

The French

The French school comes from the style begun in the 1960's by Pierre Cardin, who designed a jacket with high shoulders and a visible little roll in the sleeve's head. This jacket is flared and very long, popular in England in the first half of the 20th century. Cardin's pants were bell-bottomed and without pleats.

American Style
"Sabatini makes 'em good and makes 'em fit."
– Jim Wright, The Speaker of the House

The German

The German suits have always been designed for comfort and durability. The shoulder of the jacket is low and natural. The chest is prominent, providing enough room on the inside for pockets to hold wallets, notebooks, pens, etc. The pants crotch and waist are low.

Sabatini's Touch
"The great Sabatini as always"
 – Henry Winkler

The Sabatini Style

The Sabatini style draws from the best features of all these styles. Sabatini suggests that men should concentrate on the executive single breasted, two-button style suit with a notched lapel and a medium fitted waist. The armhole should be 3/4" deeper than the English style, for comfort. Opt for a medium fit shoulder. The collar of the jacket should lie close to the neck and the lapel should fit the contours of the chest. Make sure the inside canvas is of medium weight; if the canvas is too heavy, your jacket will be stiff. On the other hand a too light canvas will not work in the heat and humidity of summer. Your jacket will have no body and will appear wrinkled and worn.

A custom-made suit of fine fabric is not only an investment in your executive image, but an investment in your success.

–Izak Sabatini

Custom Craftsmanship



If you ask Sabatini why he continues to have a following of the most distinguished clients from all over the world, he will say simply, "Craftsmanship".

Clients return to Sabatini for their custom-tailored suits because they are proud to wear a suit that is hand crafted with the finest and most lasting materials, inside and out. The end result is a silhouette almost regal bearing, an impeccably tailored suit.

Handmade Suit for Men & Women price range of $3,600 including the finest English and Italian Fabrics and Mongolian Cashmere.