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Established in USA on 1973

Sabatini maintains the European tradition of coming to your home or office for measurements & fabrics selection by appointment
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Sabatini is highly recommended by the Heritage Foundation since 1985

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Best Suit Makers In History

Since 1973, Sabatini has been constructing well-tailored suits for men and women. Ranging from political leaders to Hollywood celebrities, Sabatini of London's tailored suits have been making a splash in the fashion industry. Down to every stitch and seam, these custom suits exceed all your expectations.

Not only is each suit well-tailored to fit you perfectly, they are constructed with the finest quality of fabric that is available. Mr Sabatini personally picks each fabric swatch from all over the world to only bring you the paramount choices. Whether you are looking to have your suit designed with the finest Italian fabrics with Super 140's or Super 160's wool, or the finest Mongolian Cashmere for your sport coat, top coat or skirt, you will feel the difference in the high-class materials.

The next time you are in the market for a one of a kind statement piece, visit the best suit maker, Mr. Sabatini. Not only will you have a suit fit for a royal, you will also feel like one wearing a piece that is perfectly made for you. Browse our website to learn more and view the tailored pieces that are timeless.

You can make an appointment to have a professional consultation with Mr. Sabatini. Sabatini draws on his knowledge and expertise to assist you as you choose your custom suit fabric and style selections and have your measurements taken in privacy.

Sabatini the Philanthropist

Sabatini and Leland

Congressman Thomas "Mickey" Leland Houston, TX

Sabatini Feeding the Homeless

Sabatini Feeding the Homeless
Please do your part.

Thomas Leland Sabatini and Leland

Izak Sabatini with his Best Friend Congressman Thomas "Mickey" Leland

Congressman Thomas "Mickey" Leland was an activist who later became a Congressman for Texas 18th District and a chair for the Congressional Black Caucus. He was a democrat. He died on August 7, 1989, for his humanitarian cause, to end hunger and support the homeless in our land.

Mr. Sabatini promised to continue his cause until we do not have a single homeless person in the USA. Sabatini Of London, donates 10% of the company's income to this cause.  Please take time and be generous to our homeless. We all need a little help sometimes.

Izak Sabatini's greatest dream is to end hunger in the USA and the World.
He also Dreams of raising money and dig water wells for the child victims in all the African villages where hundreds are dying every day from poisoned water.

Accomplishments, Mentions and Awards won by Sabatini

  • Two fashion degrees in Classic Men's and Women's Design
  • Attended UDC classes in US History
  • Diploma in World Understanding from Michigan University
  • British Academy Award 2002 in Design for his Millennium Collection
  • A write-up in "Who's Who in Business" in the 2000-01 edition
  • An invitation to Her Majesty, The Queen's 75th Birthday Celebration
  • WUSA9 - Washington DC Metro CBS Affiliate Station
  • WTTG Fox5 - Washington DC Metro FOX Affiliate Station
  • Rolls Royce Owner's Club Magazine
  • London Times
  • Washington Times
  • People Magazine
  • Hilton Guest Magazine
  • Washington Life Magazine
  • Washingtonian Magazine
  • Billionaire Magazine
  • Robb Report Magazine
  • Capitol Style Magazine
  • Jewish Weekly
  • Washington Post

...just to mention a few.

My highest principles are based on the Ten Commandments, whether from the Bible, The Qur'An or The Torah, and respect for all mankind.
The Greatest of all Time, Muhammed Ali, and The Honorable Congressman, Mickey Leland, from Texas, command my greatest respect and are the greatest influences in my life.

The Sabatini and Nancy Reagan Story

I was honored to service President Reagan for many years, but, more importantly, I got to know the wonderful First Lady Nancy Reagan.  She always graciously sent money in advance and faxed me a note of thanks about choosing the right quality fabrics for the President.  When President Reagan ran for his second term, she kindly remembered me and sent an invitation for the inauguration of President Reagan.  Muhammad Ali, The Greatest of All Time, was in town that night, and he made the inauguration more fun for me.  He also introduced me to the Mayor of Washington D.C., Marion Barry and many of his friends.

We took many photos that night, but, my most treasured photo is the one that I took of President Reagan and First Lady Nancy Reagan just as they finished dancing at the California Reception.  The funny thing about that is that I had the camera in my hands and innocently said “one second please, Mr. President”.  Nancy Reagan smiled at me and pointed that it was ok to the Secret Service who were quite worried about the camera in my hands.  The picture was out of focus, but I still treasure it today, and you can see it on my website:   Mrs. Reagan stopped the President for a few seconds while they were about to leave the stage, so that I could take the photo.  Since that moment, she became not just the First Lady but My Lady.  She brought fashion and the highest image to Washington D.C. through the last minute of the Reagan Administration.

Since the Reagan Administration, I don’t know why Washington D.C. has changed completely upside down to casual and sloppy styles all over. Today is much worse everywhere you go and it’s like ladies and gentlemen have disappeared completely from our city.  Everywhere you go, you see sloppy fashion images and suits imported from China.  With respect, China has nothing to do with the fashion industry.  We all know that the quality of the fashion industry has always emanated from Paris, Rome and London.  It is sad in my heart to see this happen in our society and see the lost generation of the art of custom tailoring disappear.   I am 70 years old now, and I don’t know how many years God will allow me to be here.  Whatever time I have left on this Earth, I invite everyone to take advantage of me to advise them how to properly present an Executive image.  I did that with many of the Presidents, and I would like to continue this service until the day I leave this Earth.

I also want people to know that 10% of my profits go to hungry children and the homeless.  I promised that to my good friend, the late Congressman Mickey Leland.

President Reagan & The First Lady

President Ronald Reagan

Ronald and Nancy Reagan
Official Photo Captured by Sabatini

First Lady Nancy Reagan



Royal Beginnings

Since 1846, the Sabatini Family has been constructing elegant custom suits for various types of clientele. Among them are members of the Royal family and distinguished political leaders. Our clients have included Prince Alexander and his lovely wife, Patricia H. Wilder, a star on Bob Hope's radio show.

In 2015 Sabatini of London became a corporation in Richmond, Virginia joined by famous French Designer, Simone Bertheau.

The tailored suits we make at Sabatini of London in Alexandria, Virginia, are handmade with superior attention to detail. We draw inspiration and motivation from our more than 40 years of experience in the fashion industry. If you are looking for clothes that exude elegance, style, and fine craftsmanship, feel free to browse through our extensive selection.

A Dedication to Elegance

The care and precision that is put into every suit and piece surpasses those made by other designers.
We offer free individual consultation. Sabatini of London also offers free seminars for Embassies, Law Firms, Athletes, Synagogues and Churches.
To accommodate our vast clientele, we speak four languages, namely, English, Arabic, French, and Italian.

Perfection Down to the Last Detail

Our custom suits exceed all your expectations down to every stitch and seam. Not only is each suit tailored to fit you perfectly, it is constructed with the finest quality fabric Sabatini himself picked out. Our preference for using only the best materials makes our clothes more comfortable to wear than those of other brands.